Resources for Loss and Grief
in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Experiencing the loss of a pregnancy, infant, or child brings unimaginable pain and grief, and can make you feel alone and lost. We want you to know that there are good resources for your loss and grief that provide non-judgmental support,information, and connection with others. We've listed some below and hope that you find them useful. Please also look at our international support map for resources near you or email us at

If you are recovering from the loss of a loved one due to suicide, please visit our resource page dedicated to the memory of those we have lost. 


Compassionate Friends 

SHARE Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

RESOLVE through Sharing

Miscarriage Matters 

Grieve Out Loud

Tears Foundation

March of Dimes

MISS Foundation

Griefwatch (for perinatal loss)

Solace for Mothers (Birth Trauma & Recovery)  

Birth Mom Buds

Exhale: an After-Abortion Hotline 1-866-439–4253

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