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Postpartum Support International has more than 250 Support Coordinators around the world. PSI Volunteer Coordinators provide support, encouragement, and resources on the phone and email to pregnant and postpartum moms and families, and help you connect to community or internet resources. They give encouragement, tips and referrals but do not give clinical, medical, legal, or religious advice. We are here to help all families navigate through the transition to parenthood.

To locate resources in your area, click on the map below or from the List of States and Countries. Each state or country page offers information on how to contact PSI coordinators, crisis hotlines, support groups and events in that area. We also have specialized coordinators for Dads, Military Families, and Spanish-speaking families, and Arabic-speaking Families listed below the map. 

Our volunteers will contact you within 24 hours. If you need more immediate help, CLICK HERE to find emergency services. 


PSI offers support, information, and resources to these specialized populations: Dads and Partners, Dads with postpartum reactions, Online Support, Military Families, and Spanish-Speaking Families. We have developed the specialized coordinators in response to a growing number of requests from families in each group. Specialized Coordinators work in conjunction with state and regional coordinators to offer support and resources.

Dads Coordinators:

David Klinker offers support and resources to partners of women experiencing postpartum mood disorders. You can find him at Postpartum Dads, an online outreach project supported by PSI that offers guidance from men who have helped their partners through recovery.
Email Website

Online Support Coordinator:

Jessica Banas moderates the online support group for postpartum depression and related illnesses. On this site you will find live chats, posting boards, email forums and links. If you have any problems registering, email Jessica.

Military Families Coordinators:

PSI has several coordinators to support military families. Please contact Kellie Haworth, lead coordinator, if you don't see support in your branch. Contact the PSI office at if you would like to volunteer.

Kellie Haworth
Telephone: 252-917-4835

Navy, Marines, Coast Guard
Val Roseberry
Telephone: 559-410 8846

Valerie Jobrack
Telephone: 510-463-4825

Carrie Chalverus (stationed in New Mexico)
Telephone: 702-588-3804

Army Reserves
Ceola Johnson
Telephone: 404-246-4994

Support to Spanish-Speaking Families:


1-800-944-4773, #1

Llame al número de teléfono gratuito para obtener recursos, apoyo e información gratuita. Déjenos un mensaje y un voluntario le devolverá la llamada. Podrá encontrar más información y recursos en la página web de PSI. Presione en el botón siguiente.

Call the toll-free Phone line, select #1, for resources, support, and information. Leave us a message, and one of our support volunteers will call you back. We also have Online Resources on the PSI website. Click on website below.

Telephone: 1-800-944-4773, #1



Nadia Abdulla
Telephone: 004369911941710

Nadia provides email and telephone support, and can help you find resources in your country.




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